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[2019年 10月 1日- renewal] 

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A frame size    40cm × 1m10cm 





  room  1   "A drawing shodou " works
  room  2   Semi-cursive style works
  room  3   Clerical style works
  room  4   Seal style works
  room  5   Prices and shopping details


I call this page "A Drawing" because Japanese calligraphy,

or Shodou, is a kind of line drawing.


                            (1) I hope that through an appreciation of Japanese traditional drawing,

                                       many people will gain some understanding of old Japanese culture. 

(1) The Chinese characters, Kanji, evolved from ancient hieroglyphs. I have 

                                written some of these ancient pictographs, so you might get a sense of 

                                their meaning from their original shapes.

    (1) My shodou style is influenced by the sharp, active and round brush strokes 

                                              of Japanese picture's master, Munakata Shikou.

                               "Thank you for visiting my shodou page. Please browse my works as you please."

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