CVS Checkins & Fixed Bugs - Module Camino on branch CAMINO_2_0_BRANCH

・The following list shows CVS checkins;
  to module Camino on branch CAMINO_2_0_BRANCH since the Camino 1.6 release.
・Checkins date is shown in Pacific Standard Time.

Bug 685776: Investigate moving Camino 2.0.x to NSS_3_12_11_RTM…

Bug 686258: Release Notes for Camino 2.0.9
Bug 629850: Reworked fix for only handling URIs with supported protocols
Bug 647365: Clicking on "full screen" crashes Camino…
Bug 604477: Upgrade to Flashblock 1.5.14

Bug 683334: Include ad-blocking updates in 2.0.8 relnotes
Bug 641291: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for March 2011
Bug 597808: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for 10/11/12 2010 & 1/2 2011

Bug 683334: Release Notes for Camino 2.0.8

Bug 643349: Release Notes for Camino 2.0.7

Bug 595054: Crash Reporter layout adjustment code fails for some locales
Bug 629116: Normalize dialects in accept-language to lowercase per convention
Bug 632144: Crash [@ GeckoUtils::GatherTextUnder(nsIDOMNode*, nsString&)]

Bug 622020: Welcome to 2011!

Bug 608114: Export the symbols index filename as SYMBOL_INDEX_NAME

Bug 610741: Release Notes for Camino 2.0.6
Bug 605068: Changing bookmarks via AppleScript need to trigger Spotlight metadata
Bug 604582: Downloaded file labeled as 'canceled' after closing the browser
Bug 328248: JavaScript prevents saving passwords in the Keychain

Bug 541897: [10.6] Endless console logging of kCGErrorIllegalArgument

Bug 569258: Deleting bookmarks from the Manager doesn't delete the metadata file
Bug 571152: Stop using deprecated selectedRowEnumerator
Bug 571151: [NSObject(NSKeyValueCoding) takeValue:forKey:] is deprecated
Bug 608114: Export the symbols index filename as SYMBOL_INDEX_NAME

Bug 604494: Release Notes for Camino 2.0.5

Bug 512730: Prevent the keychain service from being recreated during shutdown
Bug 599084: Delete pluginreg.dat before auto-updating
Bug 603143: Remove bloglines from the feed reader options
Bug 583673: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for August 2010
Bug 594672: Remove from default bookmarks

Bug 599578: Alter symbol manifest filename to possibly aid symbol cleanup

Bug 559129: CaminoImporter still in use after quit
Bug 417740: Don't force about:blank to load in script-created windows

Bug 592157: Links on Safe Browsing overlay aren't visibly differentiated

Bug 577527: Release Notes for Camino 2.0.4
Bug 549250: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for March/April/May/June/July 2010
Bug 384729: Hide FlashBlock placeholder for blocked ads
Bug 512141: Consider blocking Flash-based tracking movies
Bug 586182: BWC's openFeedPrefPane: still wants to load Navigation pane

Bug 572487: Location bar unescapes %25 (percent sign)

Bug 577567: Crashes [@ objc_msgSend | -[NSWindow makeKeyWindow] ]
Bug 577535: Check the out params of GetFormInfoForInput before using them

Bug 581762: Stop saving the file behind the safe browsing overlay

Bug 553154: [10.6] Print settings are not remembered
Bug 569522: Sparkle can sometimes send an update request
Bug 573815: Upgrade to Flashblock 1.5.13

Bug 566745: Failed to initialize HistoryDataSource at startup after bug 529500

Bug 563281: Non-blocking alerts service implementation is dead code

Bug 555581: Update release notes for Camino 2.0.3
Bug 529500: Add a notification when history is cleared

Bug 555581: Release Notes for Camino 2.0.3
Bug 559129: Make bookmark Spotlight metadata writes incremental
Bug 563579: Add quoting to dump_syms call path in

Bug 528379: Provide Cocoa prompt for select types
Bug 306613: Can't add a pref via about:config

Bug 562282: All cookies erroneously shown as secure

Bug 562032: Upstream safety fix to NSPasteboard+Utils

Bug 560985: Crash in Sparkle's downloadDidFinish:

Bug 548732: Fix the encoding of *properties.strings files in the project

Bug 558966: Make it easier for third-parties to use software update in their builds

Bug 550107: Don't export Spotlight metadata for menu spacers

Bug 497225: Bustage fix from bug 497225 - Add Growl back to dependencies

Bug 550816: Import Bookmarks dialog should indicate that "Not include Fx 3"
Bug 549179: Switch to using a custom spotlight importer for bookmarks
Bug 535614: Sparkle doesn't have the right paths for vcs-info

Bug 553949: Stop showing environment variables in every script phase

Bug 543264: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for February 2010

Bug 549370: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.11

Bug 546358: With Flashblock enabled, Silverlight content is not visible

Bug 545347: Release Notes for Camino 2.0.2

Bug 536125: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for January 2010

Bug 542036: Fix the URL for the phishing 'report submitted' page

Bug 537993: Upgrade to Flashblock 1.5.12

Bug 512730: 2.0b3 crashes
Bug 541055: SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE message has typo

Bug 527248: Incorrect bookmark bar colors when using a gamma not set to 1.8
Bug 529353: Google uses the ambiguous family language code for Norwegian
Bug 538433: Incorporate Chromium's NSURL+Utils changes

Bug 530663: Cmd-Arrow shortcuts can't be used as shortcuts for other items

Bug 529989: Collect email addresses and send them to Socorro with reports

Bug 536088: Welcome to 2010!
Bug 514130: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for September/December 2009

Bug 530177: Release Notes for Camino 2.0.1
Bug 529989: Collect email addresses and send them to Socorro with reports
Bug 525758: [10.6] Search field only displayed in Help menu in English

Bug 530186: Make about:crashes display the report id with 'bp-'

Bug 425958: Content area flashes grey when opening new blank tabs

Bug 370121: Clicking in certificate panel causes text to change to black

Bug 524330: Polish the Resume icon

Bug 524624: Add support for RCs to update-generating script
Bug 524752: Partially-blocked annoying ad on

2009-10-26 | Camino 2.0 code freeze
Bug 522422: Fix focus when navigating to a page blocked by Safe Browsing
Bug 384725: [10.5] Icon update for Leopard
Bug 453194: Refactor Safari and Opera bookmark import/export
Bug 522919: Focus lost in BM manager after closing Tabsposé
Bug 392466: Tabspose tabs don't track the mouse correctly
Bug 456303: Make Tabsposé keyboard-accessible
Bug 523919: BreakpadVendor string localization not working

Bug 523055: 'Show Cookies' sheet doesn't appear in 2.0b4
Bug 480892: '.foo.tld' cookies have inconsistent UI and behaviour
Bug 523858: froodian should be the Initial Developer of NSTextView+Utils

Bug 521613: Update Description for Camino 2.0
Bug 521614: Release Notes for Camino 2.0
Bug 522756: Switch from EULA to MPL in about:license

Bug 522783: Two spaces instead of one between sentences in SafeBrowsing text
Bug 490188: Use fancy error codes to display detailed errors
Bug 521625: Show the right message when overriding an expired certificate
Bug 522417: Closing a blocked site with Return now beeps
Bug 383988: Unable to Set Trust Settings on New Certificate Authority
Bug 461106: Focus lost after closing Tabsposé

Bug 520514: Make tabs respond to 'name' as well as 'title' in AppleScripts

・Update to latest sparkle

Bug 521933: Warn about ExtraFonts in checkForProblemAddOns
Bug 382688: "Find" should be disabled for XUL pages

Bug 335979: Get Info on history item displays no info

Bug 502319: Fix external URL drops on background tabs
Bug 471120: Fix untrusted cert lookup on framed sites

Bug 520555: Default command-click to opening a new tab
Bug 520415: Tab chain in BookMark manager broken
Bug 520407: Bookmark export dialog ignores selected type
Bug 502407: Can't switch tabs/focus arbitrary tabs via AppleScript

Bug 518615: Upgrade Growl.framework to v1.2

Bug 519855: Add Google Desktop to the list of add-ons that trigger warnings
Bug 518834: Command left arrow in edit field in bookmark manager goes back
Bug 465178: Prevent Flash from crashing when Expose is invoked

Bug 519922: Every typing in text field beeps with Japanese IME turned on
Bug 379812: Pressing delete (backspace) on keyboard does not go back in history
Bug 405748: Esc key does not stop animation in animated gifs

Bug 482350: Make a Camino-like about.css to replace the winstriped version

Bug 519311: Bookmarks Export - file extension and format can get mismatched

Bug 519001: 'Edit Security Exceptions' button misaligned in prefs

Bug 513804: Clean up 1.6.10+ Java suppression
Bug 432983: Fix menu shortcuts for closing tabs/windows

Bug 514126: Release Notes for Camino 2.0b4
Bug 422576: Remove Advanced Font prefs sheet
Bug 394105: Get our string bundle override into nsStringBundleService

Bug 516197: Don't let about:plugins send users to Firefox plug-in page

Bug 515800: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.10

・Update Sparkle to latest trunk
Bug 493500: Consider decreasing the full content zoom increment
Bug 513328: Save window state when auto-updating, even if the pref is off
Bug 490657: Add active URL to Breakpad reports

Bug 514832: SUFeedURL must be present at launch

Bug 505601: Remove SharedMenus from the frameworks search patch

Bug 448058: Bookmark bar -> Copy Information to Clipboard -> Mail fails
Bug 491448: Copy Link/Image Location does not paste into Pages or RTF Mail

Bug 508727: Disable the "Report Phishing Page…" when safebrowsing is off

・Update Sparkle to latest Sparkle trunk

Bug 509670: Safebrowsing site icon and popup blocker bar icon is distorted
Bug 512628: Applescript: visit count property and window id property broken
Bug 506849: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for August 2009
Bug 510740: Launching without focus on OS X 10.6 with Growl installed
・Add the dependency list for 10.6 symbols
・Fix a bug in error logging

Bug 509311: Ensure that RolloverImageButton doesn't get destroyed
Bug 503816: dirListing should use 10.5-style icons

Bug 508508: Top pixels in tab_button_divider.tiff are too dark

Bug 437488: Replace 'Get me out of here' button with 'Close Page'
Bug 509670: Safebrowsing favicon is distorted

Bug 437488: Ability to report a suspected phishing site

Bug 503185: Removing Flash from the list of symbols

Bug 510420: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.9

Bug 509469: Fix how the URL is inserted into the MoreInformationText string

Bug 436968: Expose safe browsing preferences in UI (and turn it on)
Bug 504980: Blocker bar can fail to appear after dismissing safebrowsing overlay
Bug 480207: Improve the UI of the safebrowsing blocked site overlay

Bug 509066: Switch to googpub-phish-shavar
Bug 508629: Remove Carbon font name-based menus from the Advanced sheet
Bug 499829: Camino Adblock blocks Group-Radio of

Bug 452557: Add a 'Text Zoom Only' menu item

Bug 401340: Update Bookmark Bar and Tab bar for 10.5

Bug 507539: White-space clean-up in ad_blocking.css
Bug 507197: Camino no longer sending the accept-charset header

・Update breakpad to r366
Bug 502536: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for July 2009
Bug 503742: Elements to be blocked by CSS on
Bug 503745: Elements to be blocked by CSS on
Bug 503786: This page always appears to be blank in Camino
Bug 436012: Use OS folder icons on 10.5+

Bug 483360: config.css/netError.css need a transparent Camino logo

Bug 506420: Upgrade to Flashblock 1.5.11

Bug 501246: Disable certain menu items on blocked phishing pages
Bug 391076: CJK font-names not correctly recognised in the prefpane
Bug 502535: Need a localized string for "(null)" in Appearance prefPane
Bug 502538: Display localized CJK font names in Appearance prefPane

Bug 505946: Add a border around the cert exception overrride box

Bug 505601: Remove SharedMenusCocoa

Bug 505334: Clean up netError.css and config.css
Bug 495513: Generate full symbols for third-party frameworks

Bug 479554: Update anti-phishing error page to use Camino's blocked icon

・Special and tinderbox-configs for CAMINO_2_O_BRANCH

Bug 499730: Fix handling of beta/intl in update-check

Bug 495620: License updates for Camino for cvs trunk

Bug 502697: Can't tab into the safe browsing blocker bar when the bar is visible
Bug 441733: Display a warning bar after dismissing the "site blocked" page

Bug 485865: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for April/May/June 2009

Bug 429937: Support pinch gesture for zooming

Bug 469250: Fix capitalization of Flashblock in Camino code/comments
Bug 498708: Open URL in Camino service name not localizable

・Whitespace fixes for update-check

Bug 497663: Insert reminder note into embed-replacements locale files

Bug 497591: Don't crash when showing tabs in extremely small windows

Bug 492903: Generate more in-depth OS libraries list for symbols

Bug 496757: Support encoding the OS build into symbol manifest filename
Bug 496689: Close all windows with one multitab window might not give warning

Bug 495738: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.8

Bug 493061: Release Notes for Camino 2.0b3

Bug 407883: Fix Downloads window opening and focusing prefs logic
Bug 405629: Cannot save a keychain entry with the same account info
Bug 489411: Disable Breakpad submission for non-official builds
Bug 493587: Release Breakpad before return
Bug 453084: Mark mismatched domain certificates
Bug 386455: Shorten toolbar labels where possible
Bug 400748: Fix type-to-select in selects with optgroups
Bug 495729: Handle minimized windows + Spaces correctly
Bug 493044: Opening an empty Downloads window shows Resume
Bug 428333: Make Camino/xpfe use toolkit's license
Bug 495741: Upgrade to Flashblock 1.5.10

・Update Sparkle to r349

Bug 493173: Downloads window gets stuck in customize toolbar mode
Bug 437327: Manually insert safe browsing test pages into the local database
Bug 493168: Wasting CPU cycles with refreshing download info
Bug 472771: Improve performance of tab dragging
Bug 493905: Crash related to bookmarks import
Bug 493790: Supress the OS X crash reporter
Bug 490670: Breakpad reporter doesn't always come up
Bug 494740: All shell script phases should echo what they're doing
Bug 409640: Enable hidden-visibility support in Camino build's
Bug 475201: Add "Allow Flash From This Site" to contextual menu items


・Make generate_macosx_symbols less broken

Bug 494115: Don't print the names of empty symbol files

・Add a --no-dsym option to
・Fix the way output is read from

Bug 491035: Update our to one based on the mozilla-central

Bug 476596: 'Why is this site blocked' button does not take me to diagnostic page
Bug 493162: Set default downloads pivot before loading saved downloads
Bug 493047: Opening the Downloads window selects a download

Bug 489918: Enable Cmd-A to select all downloads in the Downloads window
Bug 493047: Opening the Downloads window selects a download
Bug 472709: Add keyboard shortcut for opening selected files in downloads
Bug 490892: Downloads toolbar customization sheet should always show pause
Bug 453076: Add UI to see and remove certificate exceptions
Bug 491035: Generate rich symbols for core libraries
Bug 491101: Support for 'archiving' symbols along with builds

Bug 492238: Script to facilitate generating Breakpad symbols
Bug 492776: Fork to address space handling issues

Bug 468236: Remove extraneous linebreaks in Privacy preference pane

Bug 489512: Explore hooking the rest of strings in about:crashes

Bug 483140: Make the pop-up blocker's text field more visible in the nib

Bug 489019: Change the way we control building and uploading symbols

Bug 488512: Generate breakpad symbols with builds
Bug 487234: Strip headers from packaged frameworks
Bug 490635: Download manager: pause button disabled

Bug 488513: Update breakpad for Socorro support

Bug 488861: Rebrand the Breakpad as 'Camino Crash Reporter'
Bug 490278: Back out bug 475201 to see if it solves bug 490278

Bug 475201: Add "Allow Flash From This Site" to contextual menu items

・Rev Breakpad to r330
Bug 488949: Implement about:crashes for Camino

Bug 488570: Provide localization note for InfoPlist.strings's BreakpadVendor
Bug 489125: Stop shipping Talkback

Bug 458539: "Show Cookies" fails, logs NSArray exception to Console

Bug 380172: Initial breakpad integration for Camino

Bug 485126: Crash [@ -[CHBrowserView isTextBasedContent] ]
Bug 374648: Provide access to page source via AppleScript
Bug 394582: Provide access to page text via AppleScript
Bug 472010: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for January/February/March 2009

Bug 380172: Prepare objdir for eventually building breakpad tools
・Rev breakpad to r326 to unblock initial landing

・Set up the breakpad tree to work with objdir builds
・Remove some Xcode garbage that snuck in to the breakpad checkin
・Add readme for breakpad
・Initial landing of Breakpad

Bug 445629: Update Sparkle to r343

Bug 482154: Restructure default app lookup code
Bug 418626: Abstract the 'transient bar' code in BrowserWrapper
Bug 482182: 'Files' portion of HTML Complete save process is not localizable
Bug 483532: First download appears at top of downloads window
Bug 480797: Window closing before selecting item from context menu crashes

Bug 483426: [10.4] Bookmark bar always has background window appearance

Bug 389140: Stop building in mozilla/themes
Bug 481575: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.7

Bug 482433: Sibelius Scorch scores don't display or play if Flashblock is active

Bug 482589: Find fails to work on 'application/javascript' page

Bug 389140: Stop building in mozilla/themes

Bug 482161: SaveHeaderSniffer fails to save 'untitled' page in a localizable way
Bug 476095: Anti-phishing overlay is not localizable
Bug 406103: Scroll downloads to the bottom on initial launch
Bug 441732: Anti-phishing "blocked" page needs its own site icon
Bug 481133: FormFillController holds XPCOM objects too long
Bug 481773: Default browser popup blank

Bug 440002: Crash on exit if popups have been blocked
Bug 458539: "Show Cookies" fails, logs NSArray exception to Console

Bug 475102: Can't switch tabs with the keyboard on

Bug 479076: Ensure anti-phishing is disabled in Camino 2.0b2
Bug 479080: Release Notes for new Camino 2.0b2

Bug 469240: Don't start tab drags for clicks in the tab bar background
Bug 401474: Need a software update appcast (or generation script)

Bug 471213: [10.4] Background tabs draw incorrectly when dragging

Bug 476038: Upgrade to Flashblock 1.5.8 to pick up fix for bug 475842

Bug 450542: Need release-quality icons for content zoom toolbar buttons

Bug 472196: [10.4] Numerous repeat _NSAutoreleaseNoPool() Console entries
Bug 471948: [10.5] Crash [@ nsAppShell::~nsAppShell] when quitting Camino

Bug 358299: Fix the static build for anti-phishing detection

Bug 358299: Backend for anti-phishing detection
Bug 475560: Allow Growl to build with SDK settings pushed by the mozconfig
Bug 475210: URLs in tooltips need to be unescaped

Bug 470231: Bookmark manager folders expanded during bookmark dragging
Bug 468255: Pressing Esc when editing in the location barrestores escaped view
Bug 474260: Remove fake feeds: support from feedhandlers

Bug 283100: Growl global notifications for completed downloads

Bug 437552: Clean up whitespace-on-blank-lines problem in /PreferencePanes

Bug 464496: Find the link location for the element under the context menu
Bug 357516: Favicons (site icons) on alternates in menus don't update
Bug 471106: impossible to move imported bookmarks into different collection
Bug 471681: Add a null check in CHBrowserView contentViewer

Bug 469949: PR_sscanf with format %lld into a PRTime is not portable

Bug 472925: Google changed their favicon; feedhandler icon needs updating

Bug 463974: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for November/December 2008

Bug 394063: Consider continuing to force <select>s to Aqua

Bug 471684: Welcome to 2009!

Bug 314628: Improve discoverability of dock menu bookmarks folder
Bug 469037: Support the import of SeaMonkey bookmarks.html

Bug 453737: Release Notes for Camino 2.0b1

Bug 418359: Start drag of background tabs with one click
Bug 371895: Implement a flashblock whitelist for Camino
Bug 360858: Escape should cancel active edit in Bookmark Manager
Bug 465242: Clean up
Bug 326872: Make tab site icons the same size as in the location bar

Bug 404943: [10.5] Bounce the download folder in the Dock

Bug 458149: Clean up style problems in PreferenceManager
Bug 384691: Bookmarks from Apple Address Book should display company
Bug 462785: Address Book smart folder builds "Name" field in non-localized way
Bug 469015: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.6

Bug 469025: Add 'Imported OmniWeb 5 Bookmarks' to Localizable.strings
Bug 156583: Stray plugin frame can appear after switching to another tab
Bug 437552: Clean up whitespace-on-blank-lines problem in /PreferencePanes
Bug 467207: Remove MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH ifdefs from Camino code

Bug 467697: AppleScript: can't get index property of windows

Bug 339322: Add keyboard shortcut to access menus in search fields

Bug 461927: Ensure the canvas size for a snapshot is initialized
Bug 463725: Choose most appropriately sized site icon
Bug 467289: Site icon for file://localhost/ isn't scaled down
Bug 466117: Display URLs in autocomplete as unescaped UTF-8
Bug 467773: Change repetitive wording of link handling dialogue

Bug 383527: RSS feed detection detects non-feeds

Bug 228840: Middle-click bookmarks toolbar should open bookmark in new tab
Bug 160720: Ability to rearrange/reorder tabs by drag and drop
Bug 335635: Combine 'import' and 'restore' in the certificate window
Bug 456300: Disable the location bar and search field in Tab Overview mode
Bug 410866: Add a toolbar button for Tab Overview
Bug 453206: Don't throw an exception when trying to read an iCab 4 bookmark
Bug 464575: Only annotate files that the OS has quarantined
Bug 465493: Don't leak when doing localized string lookup on a background

Bug 395113: Need icon for the Tab Overview toolbar icon

Bug 465824: Flashblock placeholders not visible
Bug 465878: Stop recreating Preferences Manager on shutdown
Bug 394105: Make Gecko .properties files localizable

Bug 387312: Display unescaped UTF-8 URL fragments in the location bar
Bug 461924: Don't crash when the gfxQuartzSurface stops returning a context

Bug 459192: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for October 2008

Bug 463854: Allow selection of ".pkcs12" files in the PKCS12 restore filepicker

Bug 463074: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.5

Bug 423578: Cancelling a search in the Bookmarks Manager resets open folders
Bug 448592: Add CamiTools to the "problematic add-ons" list

Bug 409679: Option-return in the location bar doesn't work without scheme://
Bug 384689: Only log PrefChangeObserverOwner registrations in debug builds
Bug 461610: Handle drag-and-drop validation in bookmark search results

Bug 384689: Switch inline autocomplete hidden pref
Bug 461403: Page finishing loading forces the window frontmost
Bug 459254: Shift-command-clicking on a link opens new window in foreground

Bug 381846: Selecting a bookmark from the dock can't bring Camino to the front

Bug 411189: Fix pref pane construction and cleanup
Bug 356204: Need to change the class names of preference panes
Bug 449158: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for August/September 2008
Bug 458604: Allow Command-D to work with caps-lock on

Bug 440403: Esc commits edits when closing preferences
Bug 319627: Cmd-drag a bookmark folder to a tab widget should append
Bug 399276: Browser Toolbar section of Localizable.strings is confusing
Bug 437550: Honor the OS font smoothing threshold by default

Bug 450433: Release Notes for Camino 2.0a1

Bug 433719: Menu commands are double-processed when plugins are focused
Bug 458527: Recently closed pages not tracked until History menu is accessed

Bug 453813: Camino crashes on launch due to exceptions in NSSpellchecker

Bug 457084: 'Last Visited' column in History is editable
Bug 456806: ExtendedOutlineView tabbing behavior breaks on Leopard
Bug 456186: Crash when closing tab containing bookmarks manager
Bug 427433: Command-T should always open a new tab
Bug 456353: [10.4] Camino gets random errors opening files via AppleScript

Bug 419578: Add a 'Recently Closed Pages' history submenu
Bug 438655: Don't allow tabbing to tabs unless FKA is enabled
Bug 445629: Land a newer Sparkle snapshot
Bug 438655: Remove now-redundant code to set menu delegates
Bug 410866: Add a menu item for Tabspose

Bug 347212: [10.4] Dragging a URL from the Location bar causes duplicate drop

Bug 338557: "Show/Hide Bookmarks" button in main toolbar not focusable
Bug 424906: When loading a page via link-click, initial focus is an invisible view

Bug 185385: Spacebar loads first bookmark toolbar icon instead of page down
Bug 352582: Leftmost toolbar buttons acquire keyboard focus at odd moments
Bug 434442: Tabsposé: focus sometimes placed on the location bar
Bug 415510: Dragging multiple items to the app/Dock icon fails to open

Bug 456155: Correctly set up the tab chain when the bookmark bar is empty
Bug 395423: Site icon in the location bar can get out of sync
Bug 280963: Tabs are not focusable (when full keyboard access is on)
Bug 441828: BookmarkToolbar's key view loop breaks easily
Bug 152987: Should be able to tab from page content to toolbar
Bug 408534: Can't tab into or out of the Find bar when it's open
Bug 346803: Make the pop-up bar accessible

Bug 370331: Don't 'blast' javascript URLs into the location bar
Bug 429932: No icon for General Preferences window after upgrade to 1.6
Bug 390406: Make Tabspose block less on invocation
Bug 454030: Use setHidden: when hiding the tab bar

Bug 440240: Changes to the home page field don't auto-apply
Bug 454710: Need dummy variable in place of mPrefService

Bug 454011: [10.5] Cells in Certificates window columns are semi-editable

Bug 454087: Don't rely on NSURL for scheme detection
Bug 346209: Font changes do not take effect until preferences are closed
Bug 453623: Spaces stripped out of data uri when pasting in location bar

Bug 454087: Don't rely on NSURL for scheme detection
Bug 346209: Font changes do not take effect until preferences are closed
Bug 453623: Spaces stripped out of data uri when pasting in location bar

Bug 391738: Feed icon changes don't update location bar padding correctly
Bug 453960: Google logo in Default Feed Viewer menu needs to be updated
Bug 451131: Polish the design of the certificate error page

Bug 428752: Search engine editor's Action button has the wrong tooltip
Bug 398417: Add UI for adding certificate exceptions
Bug 439024: Replace the fragile HTML bookmark parser
Bug 453221: Show favicons in the location bar autocomplete dropdown
Bug 452629: Don't try to build the launch tool for x86_64
Bug 352764: Icons in the location bar show the text cursor when mousing in
Bug 413444: [10.5] Autocomplete windows' cells are semi-editable

Bug 452697: Can't drag plain-text bookmarklets to create them
Bug 450537: Valid URLs are rejected when dragging to create bookmarks

Bug 452677: Control characters in WebSearchField are replaced with nothing
Bug 411165: Pasting multiline text into the location bar ignores returns

Bug 391087: Opening a url via the service sometimes opens blank window
Bug 451502: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.4

Bug 389795: Hook up Gecko full content zoom

Bug 452066: Fix incorrect case in a header include

Bug 450419: Don't treat OmniWeb's 'Passwords not saved' marker as an account
Bug 450994: Fix the 'expires' column in the cert window
Bug 451148: Minor bookmark API cleanup

Bug 450047: Outdated comment incorrectly describes how ad-blocking works

Bug 437919: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for June/July 2008

Bug 388250: Font size claims to be in points although is really in pixels

Bug 410731: Crash when quitting Camino with the "Certificates" window open
Bug 448589: Add CamiScript to "problematic add-ons"

Bug 239508: Add page translation bookmarklets to default bookmarks

Bug 447684: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.3

Bug 426015: Update to a newer version of Sparkle

Bug 440067: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.2
Bug 439682: Ability to respond to XUL command events

Bug 439793: Movies not visible on Apple iPod Touch pages

Bug 438456: willShowPromptForBrowser: shouldn't set mLastBrowserView

Bug 311841: Replace Carbon-event-based menu updating
Bug 438283: Move Top-10 sorting out of the bookmark classes
Bug 432200: Loose ampersand in 'unresponsive script' dialogue box
Bug 410384: Make tabs visibility to accessibility clients

Bug 433349: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for May 2008

Bug 437561: Whitespace cleanup in BrowserWrapper
Bug 396847: Feed and OpenSearch indicators can disappea
Bug 423588: Polish the style of trunk dirListings
Bug 437040: NULL-check the window URI of a blocked popup
Bug 431579: Don't auto-switch to a collection after dropping on it
Bug 433797: Resize subviews when dismissing tabspose

Bug 390909: Disable most actions while Tabspose is active
Bug 390401: Preserve aspect ratio of Tabspose thumbnails
Bug 424906: Restore Gecko view focus when it is lost during page load

Bug 421850: Omnibus ad-blocking bug for March/April 2008

Bug 427840: Replace remote.png with a Camino version
Bug 429718: Can't add search engine on 10.4
Bug 431626: Release Notes for Camino 1.6.1
Bug 432770: Sync dirListing.css with changes from bug 428250
Bug 430070: Give a specific error message for POST search engines

Bug 427293: Add a pref to unhide the buttons on the bad-cert error page

Bug 383085: Stop building console, updates, alerts, and extensions in xpfe
Bug 430919: PreviousSessionTerminatedNormally should be a BOOL

Bug 397730: Truncate site titles in Tabspose
Bug 223660: Enforce a minimum content size for browser windows
Bug 430164: Add error codes to Keychain failure logging

Bug 430999: Eliminate NSXMLParserErrorDomain error message

Bug 430474: Crashes in KeychainItem loadKeychainData

Bug 403346: Dreamweaver 'preview in browser' broken on nightly build

Bug 426964: Add new Indic langGroups to Camino's prefs
Bug 429980: Prevent .Mac from syncing Sparkle defaults
Bug 429965: Tooltips are offset when the popup bar is showing
Bug 430071: Don't allow exceptions out of AddSearchProvider

Bug 430297: Fix memory leaks in XMLSearchPluginParser
Bug 401175: FAYT no longer displays information in the status bar

Bug 430058: Trying to add OpenSearch plug-ins that use POST causes a crash
Bug 388091: Upgrade non-punycode hosts in Keychain on first use
Bug 429867: Allow Command-. to close the find bar

Bug 428781: Restore general access to chrome
Bug 428747: Overlay image over blocked swf not displayed
Bug 394105: Look for Gecko string overrides in corresponding strings files
Bug 428858: Unify pref getter/setter implementations
Bug 411201: De-gecko-ize Downloads pref pane
Bug 406719: Fix JS window sizing/positioning under UI scaling
Bug 377719: Fix cursors behavior when dragging text to the tab bar
Bug 371270: Check the current username text when filling a login form
Bug 427494: Only map Command-Left/Right when the content area is focused

Fixed bugs on trunk since around the time of Camino 1.6 freeze
Fixed bugs on branch since around the time of Camino 1.5 release

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